Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations of the Institute, hostel and hospital to be strictly complied by the students. Soon after admission the students are introduced to the theory and Art of Nursing. The work of a nurse demands heavy responsibility for the welfare of the patients entrusted to her care. The essential qualities are the concern for others, dedication to the service of the patients, high standard of character, honesty, reliability and compassion. She should also possess ability to study the theory and learn the practical side of nursing. Those who fall short of these essential qualities may be asked to withdraw from the training.
Rules and regulations of the Institute

  • All the students are required to be punctual and are not allowed to miss class without genuine reason and without prior permission from the class teacher and the principal.
  • Students are expected to observe quietness in the school premises.
  • Each student is responsible to pay all the fees and other dues in time.
  • Students should observe the rules and regulations of the library.
  • Students are not allowed to have visitors during duty hours and in the class hours.
  • Students are required to produce a letter from the parents stating which visitors the students are allowed to meet and the names, addresses and photo graphs of the persons to whom the student may go when she avails an overnight pass.
  • Students are not allowed to arrange their timings for clinical practice on their own.
  • Sickness should be reported immediately to the office. Sick leave form duly signed by the Medical Officer must be handed over to the office and intimation to be given to the principal immediately.
  • No sick student is allowed to stay in room without permission.
  • Students should participate and take initiative for leadership in professional and social activities.
  • Annual leave is granted by the school according to the teaching schedule.
  • Text Books, Uniform, medical checkup, examination fee, would be responsibility of the student.
  • Mobile phones and other personal items such as walkmans or cameras are not allowed in the classrooms and clinical areas.

         Rules and regulations of the hostel

  • Students are responsible for the care of furniture, personal things and for the cleanliness of their own rooms, and common rooms, bath rooms, toilets and wash rooms.
  • All lights must be switched off by 10.30 pm.
  • Students should check that all lights and fans are switched off when they leave the room.
  • Ironing the cloth or cooking is not allowed in the living rooms.
  • Students are urged to keep all their valuables and jewellery at home. If there is any damage or loss of the same, the authorities will not be responsible.
  • Students are not allowed to take food, glasses, dishes and furniture outside the dining room without the permission of the warden.
  • Students are responsible to keep the uniform neat. Full uniform should be worn. Jewellery such as ear rings, bangles and rings are not allowed with uniform or the painted nails. No one should sleep in uniform which is to be worn in the patient care area.
  • No student will be allowed to leave the hostel when she avails of an overnight or late night pass unless her parent/guardian comes to fetch her. The photograph of parents/guardians is required to be submitted to the office at the time of admission.
  • If a student exceeds the sanctioned leave without a genuine reason, the absentee has to make up for the lost time.
  • Students are allowed to have visitors on the first Sunday of the month for 4 hours. (11 am to 3 pm for the students who do evening duty and 1 pm to 5 pm for the students who do morning duty) Students must inform their visitors not to visit them during duty or class hours)
  • Visiting the hospital during off duty is forbidden.
  • Students are expected to go to the hospital in uniform only.
  • Students shall not visit staff nurses’ rooms nor are they allowed to have staff nurses in their rooms. Junior students need not visit senior students’ room.

Disciplinary Action
Students may be dismissed from the institution for disobeying the rules and regulations prescribed by the authorities, misconduct, lack of progress in study, or taking part in any movement to create any kind of disturbance in the school, hospital or hostel. A student using unfair means during class tests or examinations will be punished. Students who do not complete the assigned demonstration of procedures in the stipulated time will have to repeat the year.
Personal Belongings
Keeping the personal belongings is the responsibility of the individual student. It is not advisable to keep valuables, money, jewellery etc. with the student. If the costly articles are found missing, the management will not be responsible for the same. Students are allowed to open bank accounts in their name. Excess money may be handed over either to the warden or to the principal.
Counselling and Guidance
Students' personal problems are looked into and necessary counselling and guidance are given by the teachers or Principal.
Absence From The Hostel

  • Students going out of station shall mark their absence from the hostel by signing the register and giving the correct address and information where to contact them in case of necessity. They are expected to be back in time and report in writing to the authorities.
  • Out of Station leave will be granted by the principal on request only after getting approval in writing from the concerned tutor on the clinical area. Students are permitted to approach the tutor to arrange their off duty days before making the duty roster. No changes are made once the duty roster is arranged. Emergency will be considered.
  • The management does not approve of the pressure from the parents to take their daughters for celebrations/prayer meetings etc. at home. The students are allowed to have only three days leave for participating in the marriage of their own sisters/brothers.
  • The parents may give one local address along with their photographs where their daughters can stay overnight in case of need.
A fine will be charged if any student comes late. Late comers must bring written application from their parents along with the fine. They are allowed to attend classes and clinical practice only after meeting the principal. Telephonic message stating that the student is ill is not a valid reason to extend their leave. If they fall sick, they are to be brought to this hospital.


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